Golf Swing Mentor Recording Aid – Phone Holder – Alignment...

Golf Swing Mentor Recording Aid – Phone Holder – Alignment Stick Bag Clip New

Golf Swing Mentor Recording Aid


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Designed to help perfect your golf swing indoors or out with its universal bag clip that can be attached to any golf bag and universal phone holder clip both turn 360 degrees to enable a perfect view of your golf swing

Sets up in seconds and can record you golf swing or putting stroke

Features & details

* Golf Swing Mentor is easy to use and sets up in seconds

* The holder fits all smart phone sizes with its innovative clip design

* Attaches to all types of golf bags (Standing and Tour/Cart Bags) and fits all standard alignment

sticks and golf clubs shafts

* Gives you the ability to film and capture every swing with total stability on and off the course

* Comes in its own bag

* 2 x Alignment sticks included

* 1 x Phone holder clip

* 1 x Alignment stick/bag clip


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