Golf Alignment Sticks New Red ***BARGAIN***

Golf Alignment Sticks New Red ***BARGAIN***

Golf Alignment Sticks New Red ***BARGAIN***

Alignment sticks for the serious golfer…..

Our 2018 Alignment Sticks are the next generation of alignment sticks!

Our sticks have been designed and built under recommendations from numerous Golf Professionals.

The other alignment sticks on eBay at the moment are designed to be used as driveway snow poles with a reflective strip. OUR sticks are specifically built for golfers. they are stronger and lighter and do not have the reflective strip which we have been told can be off putting.

The sticks have a protective cap on one end (at the top) and can easily be stuck into the ground as and when required to aid in checking your swing plane or to check for lateral body movement.

These rods can be used in numerous ways to help you develop and practice your technique.

Just a few varieties that they can be used for


aim at

aim through

ball and feet position

swing plane

lateral hip movement

We have the alignment sticks available in: Orange. Red. Blue and Yellow. You can also mix the colours if you buy six sticks just make a note what you would like

The rods are made from fibreglass (not plastic) so they are very durable. They are 122 cm long and 7mm diameter.

You can leave them in your bag and you wont know that they are there they are that light……

They can also be used as a putting aid

to aim correctly

check ball and feet position

check swing path

Designed and built specifically for all levels of golfer.

The alignment sticks i am selling are the original 1.2 meters long version not the cheaper

shorter versions that are being sold on eBay.



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