Golf Alignment Sticks Blue, Orange, Red or Yellow (2 or 6 sticks) ***BARGAIN***

Golf Alignment Sticks Blue, Orange, Red or Yellow (2 or 6 sticks) ***BARGAIN***

Golf Alignment sticks the perfect training aid to lower your handicap 

Available in 4 colours Blue,Red,Orange,Yellow You can mix the colours when ordering just make a note when checking out if a note is not made they will be chose for you.

PRICE is for 2 two or 6 rods!!

The rods are made from fibre glass not plastic like most listed online! so these are very durable. Our sticks have caps on one end. They measure 122cm long 7mm diameter. Our sticks are the proper length not like some being sold on ebay that are a lot shorter!

Some TIPS on how to help you improve using the sticks-

  • Alignment


Your body (feet, hips and shoulders) should be positioned parallel to the target line. To work on your alignment, lay the two sticks on the ground parallel to the target line, creating the image of a railroad track. Your body will be on the inside rail with the ball on the outside rail.

  • Gateway

The gateway drill is used to ensure that the player is starting the ball on the intended target line. This is achieved by placing the pointed end of the two sticks in the ground ranging 6-12 inches apart and 10 feet in front of you. Aim the sticks at the intended target on a slight angle facing away from you.

  • Putting Straight Back and Through

Position both sticks on the ground slightly wider than the width of the putter head and parallel to the target line. The objective is to place the ball in the centre of the sticks and make a putting stroke without hitting the sticks.

  • Putting Arc

The arc-style putting drill is accomplished by placing two Pro sticks on the ground parallel to the target line. One stick is placed approximately 2 inches on the outside of the ball (the outside track) and the other at a comfortable distance from the ball to allow correct alignment of the feet, body and eyes. The correct stroke is achieved by taking the putter back and through in a slight arc-like motion with the shoulders controlling the stroke. If done correctly, the putter will not touch the sticks.

  • Ball Position

Consistent ball position in the putting stroke can be achieved by placing both sticks on the ground in a T shape with the first stick parallel to the target line and the second horizontal in the center of the stance.

Please note if you have any problems just send us a message and we will do all things possible to make sure you are an happy customer