ALBATROSS Golf Swing Speed Trainer PRO – White

The ALBATROSS golf swing speed trainer PRO increases your swing speed adding extra distance but also develops and creates key strength in your core muscles providing many extra benefits as you strive to improve your golf game.


• Adding Distance to Your Shots

• Perfecting Balance, & Swing Tempo,

• Grip is Undersized to enhance speed through impact

• Creates a Powerful & Repeatable Swing path

• Increasing Accuracy

• Strengthening & Stretching Golf Muscles

• Adding Strength, Consistency, & Flexibility to Your Swing



Comes with 3 different weights that screw on to each other for ease of use and storage!


How to get the most out of your ALBATROSS golf swing speed trainer –


Start with all weights attached by swinging the trainer in a slow, full swing motion about 6 inches off the ground. At the completion of your swing, let the weight of the trainer propel each swing back and forth in a continuous motion without stopping. Do 10 swings in a row without stopping. This will get you warmed up and stretching the key golf swing muscles without causing any Injury.


As you loosen up, remove the 110g weight and try to increase your swing speed with each swing as you complete another set of 10 swings.


Now you are fully loosened up and feel like you are swinging fast remove the 70g weight and repeat the same again


Do a minimum of 4 sets to see best results and rest briefly between each set.


You can adjust the number of swings to fit your exercise level. For example, you may only feel like doing 5 swings per set that is fine just take care and build your self up. The ALBATROSS golf swing speed training aid is intended for use on a daily basis for best results, but you can vary your routine to every other day.



• Before each use check over the trainer and make sure the weights are attached correctly

• Swing in an open clear space

• Do not use or practice speed drills in the vicinity of other people

• Do not try and strike a golf ball or make contact with the ground