1 Dozen – Srixon Z-Star XV Golf Balls Pure White...

1 Dozen – Srixon Z-Star XV Golf Balls Pure White Brand New

This superb ball features:

Maximum performance with incredible feel

Dual Energetic Gradient Growth Core

338 Speed Dimple Pattern

Third Generation Spin Skin Coating

3rd generation Spin Skin

The softer cover coating produces more friction on the face of the golf club for even better approach and short game spin control. especially in the rough. resulting in better spin control helping you score lower. More bonding points in the coating limited the amount of friction generated At impact due to less elasticity.

Dual Energetic Gradient Growth Core

The advanced two-layer core construction produces a higher launch. lower spin and faster ball speed on full shots. enhancing distances to the maximum. By making the inner core larger and softer and the outer core hardness more consistent. ball speed increases. the launch angle is higher and driver spin is reduced for longer distance on full shots.

338 Speed Dimple Pattern

The dimple pattern provides the optimum combination of occupancy and dimple uniformity to create even less drag. The result is longer distances with a truer. more penetrating ball flight on full shots.


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